GRAHAM COMBAT 3 Day Pistol & Carbine Combatives

Wed/Thurs/Fri, 20 – 22 April, 2016
Oak Harbor, WA
$650. (+ range fee)


Graham Combat’s 3-day pistol and carbine course is a comprehensive training course focusing on developing the fundamental skill of the shooter. Shooters will learn to recognize the cycle of operation of their weapon, be able to perform basic and intermediate levels of maintenance and care, translate the fundamentals of marksmanship into performance, refine the most efficient way to load, unload, and operate the weapon systems, draw, employ and engage threats from concealment, learn the threat sequence in order to present the most effective weapon system on target for engaging single and multiple threats, shooting effectively while moving, retention and operation of weapons during close quarters conflict, using and manipulating the weapon systems one handed, and effectively employing weapon systems from distance.

This course is a refinement of the basic fundamentals and stresses recognition of the key indicators to success in conflict. This 3-day course continuously validates your skill. Movement, vehicle, low light and medical-scenario intensive.

You will need a pistol & a carbine or sub gun, at least 3 magazines for each, a sturdy belt, holster, magazine pouches for both or kit and carbine sling, eye and ear protection, a hand held and/or weapon mounted flashlight, and at least 1000rds of ammunition for each weapon. Training takes place regardless of weather conditions. You should FIGHT WITH WHAT YOU CARRY so bring the gear and equipment you use everyday. Please bring appropriate gear for expected climate conditions. All other gear is optional.


Registration & Payment:  All Courses require pre-payment at time of registration.  All courses have a limited amount of students and courses are filled on a first-paid, first-trained basis.  Your payment is non-refundable; if you are unable to attend training your payment will be applied to other Graham Combat courses of your choosing.  Graham Combat will refund 100% of your payment if the course is cancelled by Graham Combat.